Workforce Development Board & Youth Council The mission of the Workforce Development Board is to proactively lead a business-driven workforce system that prepares our citizens for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The Workforce Development Board, comprised of business and organizational leaders from the Pikes Peak Region, takes strategic action on matters involving economic vitality and workforce development, training and education. Pikes Peak Workforce Center’s Youth Council is comprised of youth-friendly employers, leaders of organizations, and parents and youth. The Youth Council meets monthly to develop strategic plans that enhance career pathways for youth, connect local employers with the educational community and help maximize youth employment in our community. Sector Partnerships Sector partnerships are industry-driven collaborations with education, workforce development, economic development and community organizations that focus on key workforce issues related to the target industry in their natural labor market region.
  • Sector partnerships help align the needs of industry with the developing workforce, leading to highly effective, demand-driven solutions that remove barriers and enhance economic vitality.
  • Sector partnerships are a place where businesses can solve major talent issues; where educators can tailor programs around changing industry needs; and where economic developers can enhance the competitiveness of the Pikes Peak Region.
Labor Market Information The Pikes Peak Workforce Center provides businesses, community stakeholders and job seekers with timely and meaningful labor market data designed to help balance supply and demand in our community labor pool.
  • When competing for local talent, business decision-making is more effective when utilizing occupational supply information, employment projections, and real-time wage data provided by the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.
  • Enhance your ability to compete for talent by taking advantage of the labor market intelligence available from the Pikes Peak Workforce Center.
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