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Recruit & Select

Join dozens of employers holding no-cost hiring events at PPWFC’s main facility on a monthly basis.  Have it your way!  You choose the date and we attract qualified candidates to your event.  PPWFC’s customized hiring events offer turnkey recruiting and candidate selection in one day, at one location!
Our customized Hiring Events include candidate sourcing to your specified skill requirements.  We offer facilities, reception, event promotion, on-site assessment capability, and candidate access.

Job Fairs

Pikes Peak Workforce Center Job Fairs are productive, high-energy events attracting several hundred job seekers at each event. Job fairs typically are held in Colorado Springs in the spring and fall.  Our Woodland Park & Cripple Creek job fairs are held in the spring and are offered to all job seekers, including young adults ages 16 years and up. Our Colorado Springs young adult job fairs, for ages 16-24, are also held each spring.

Pre-employment Assessments

Pre-employment assessments conducted in our tech centers by skilled staff.  We assess and verify candidate skills in a controlled environment and provide confidential results directly to the employer. Assessment-based candidate screening leads to informed decision making, improved candidate selection, and increased employee retention. Assessment services can be used to evaluate and document the skill sets of incumbent staff to identify training opportunities and future career paths within your organization.

Job Postings

Post your next job opening in connectingcolorado.com! This state job search resource is a highly productive recruiting tool, at no direct cost to your company.  It’s easy to use and helps your business meet EEOC requirements. Connectingcolorado.comallows you to search more than 20,000 active job seekers in El Paso and Teller counties.  It is one of the largest candidate pools in our region!

Training & Development


Pikes Peak Workforce Center’s On-the-job-training program partially reimburses employer wages for hiring a candidate that needs additional skills for the open position.  Join dozens of local employers who have successfully hired, trained, and retained employees using this unique recruitment approach.

Employee Development Grants

Grants are available to businesses to provide training to upskill current employees.  The Employee Development Grant is for training that is work-based and/or classroom training that increases the competitiveness of the employee and the employer. This program allows participants to acquire new skills allowing him or her to move to a higher-skilled and higher-paid job within the company, thus permitting the company to hire a job seeker to back-fill the incumbent worker’s pre-training position.

Workforce Intelligence & Economic Vitality

Labor Market Information

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center provides businesses, community stakeholders and job seekers with timely and meaningful labor market data designed to help balance supply and demand in our community labor pool. When competing for local talent, business decision-making is more effective when utilizing occupational supply information, employment projections, and real-time wage data.

Analytical Research

Analytical research includes current market data to keep businesses ahead of region-specific hiring trends with the most relevant salary, skills and staff turnover statistics.

Workforce Development Board

The mission of the Workforce Development Board is to proactively lead a business-driven workforce system that prepares our citizens for the jobs of today and tomorrow.  The Workforce Development Board, comprised of business and organizational leaders from the Pikes Peak Region, takes strategic action on matters involving economic vitality and workforce development, training and education.

Transitions & Layoffs

Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response services are designed to minimize negative impacts during the layoff process. Rapid Response Services assist employees during a staff reduction. Our specialized team is ready to help with immediate access to our services to enable a timely rehire effort. Employers who use Rapid Response services may reduce their unemployment insurance liability by maximizing the potential for displaced workers to be re-employed
more quickly.

Transition & Layoff Services

These services are targeted toward workers who have been displaced from employment through no fault of their own. Utilizing Pikes Peak Workforce Center Layoff and Transition Services can help offset the longer- term impacts of these events.  Layoff resources help the employer by providing résumé and interviewing workshops featuring highly trained facilitators who share current labor market information with jobseekers, allowing them to transition to re-employment more quickly. Providing Layoff Resources to impacted workers promotes good public relations for your company, minimizing negative impact to the organization’s brand and repudiation.

Honoring the Employers who Hire our Nation’s Heroes

Hire Vets Medallion Program

Hire Vets Medallion program logo

The Department of Labor has established the Hire Vets Medallion Program–the only federal, nationwide program that recognizes job creators for their leadership in recruiting, employing, and retaining America’s veterans.   

If your company values hiring veterans, why not apply for the Hire Vets Medallion?   

You can check out all the details at HireVets.gov.

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