If you have received notice that you’ll be laid off because of trade-related issues or a plant closing, then you may be eligible for assistance through the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. Trade-Related Layoffs and Plant Closings The TAA program is a federal entitlement program that assists U.S. workers who have lost or may lose their jobs as a result of foreign trade. If you are laid off or may lose your job as a result of increased imports; shift in operations to certain countries; or supply or downstream production to certain companies in other countries, then a TAA petition can and must be submitted within one year of your layoff in order to be covered for TAA benefits and services. To learn more about the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, or if you need assistance filing a petition, please contact Gladys Felix-Mendoza at 719-667-3739 or gladysfelix-mendoza@elpasoco.com.