Meet the Team

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center’s Young Adult Services Team is dedicated to building meaningful relationships with our clients and assisting them in realizing their career goals. 
We will bring together our combined experience and knowledge to present our clients with the tools and resources needed to gain traction toward a meaningful career and provide them the financial support and career coaching needed to achieve that outcome.


Cathy Cimino serves as a Career Counselor for the Young Adult Services Team and works closely with our alternative high school community partners to help enroll at-risk students in the WIOA young adult program. Cathy has associate degrees in educational psychology and early childhood education.

Cathy is a certified, “Bring Your A Game to Work,” trainer. Cathy is often out in the community sharing the opportunities available through the Young Adult program. Cathy has been with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center for 15 years and has worked with youth throughout her life. She embraces the challenges as well as the rewards of working with young people who need a hand up.

Cathy is a Colorado native and a true country girl at heart. She loves outdoor activities, sports and photography. She spends her weekends with her family, her dog Nika, and newly adopted cat, Abbey.


Edwin Mercado serves as a Career Counselor for the Young Adult Services Team. Edwin works closely with homeless and formerly incarcerated young adults who are trying to return to the workforce and continue their education. He also serves as our Career Construction Days liaison.

Edwin has an associate degree in accounting and is a certified, “Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work,” trainer. Edwin has been employed at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center for over 10 years and has over 5 years of experience as a young adult career counselor.

Edwin was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York City. He and his family “headed west” to get away from the concrete jungle to raise his two boys. They enjoy bowling, mini golf, and laser tag. Previously Edwin was a corrections officer at Riker’s Island in New York City for four years.