Find a Job in Colorado Springs

To search for a job, first create a free account in Connecting Colorado To access resources, services, and training opportunities at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, you must first create an account in the state job database, Connecting Colorado. If you have a computer with high-speed connection, you can create your account from home. If not, you may visit our main office, Citizens Service Center, 1675 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, 80907, or any of our satellite offices. After creating your account in Connecting Colorado, you will receive a scan card that allows you access to our facilities. If you create your account from home, when you come to the office tell the receptionist that you have created your account in Connecting Colorado and she or he will give you a scan card. To create your account as a New Job Seeker, go to Click on “Register and Upload Your Resume” under the Job Seeker section. You will need: 1. Your social security number; 2. You will be asked to set up a password which must be 5 to 12 characters long, number and letters only.  Special characters ($#@, etc.) are not allowed. 3. Your contact information including an email address. Please do not use a Yahoo address because Yahoo blocks our messages to you about job openings. If you don’t have an email address, please set one up on one of these free sites: Hotmail.comGoogle email, etc.; 4. Your work history (past two jobs); 5. If you were in the military, information about your military service, including date of enlistment and separation; 6. The type of work you are seeking (you can put in four different job categories or job titles); 7. Your skills (Enter as many key words as possible because that’s how the State system matches you with job openings); 8. Be sure to click on the Continue button at the bottom of each page; 9. The next page will say “To view the Equal Opportunity notice, click here.” At this point you may either view the EEO notice or click “HOME” in the upper left corner to finish creating your account. You may go to Connecting Colorado anytime to update your profile, but you must log in as a Returning Job SeekerIt is critical to update your profile if any of your contact information changes. To start creating your account, click here to create a account. Workshops Once you have created your account in Connecting Colorado, we recommend you sign up for the following workshops:
(1) Building A Basic Resume (if you do not currently have a resume or have not done a resume in quite some time)  or  Create A Better Resume (for tips on how to improve an existing resume) and (2) Preparing For The Interview 
These workshops will help you prepare to conduct an efficient job search.