Compatibility Within minutes of starting my interview with her I thought where have you been all of these years. Aisha, Employer She understood exactly what kind of qualities our company needs in a employee. I couldn’t wait to offer her the position and get her started with our firm right away. I spent the last 20 years with the same company. then I got laid off. Ashley, Job Seeker I had no idea what the job market was like or even if i would fit in. The Pikes Peak Workforce Center helped me train for a new career and update my technical skills. I could never have done this by myself. Connection By the time I met Mike I knew what I was looking for. We had our first interview and it was phenomenal! Jason, Employer It was probably the best interview I ever conducted. With his career experience in the military he was a natural fit. After spending 20 years in the military learning specific skills I wasn’t sure I could have a career on the outside. The world had changed quite a bit. Mike, Job Seeker The Pikes Peak Workforce Center provided me with a career assessment. They help me understand my transferable skills that made the best use of my military experience. Right skills, right time. Get more of what you want in your interviews and it all starts with compatibility. The Pikes Peak Workforce Center really gets to know your business and then gives you a choice of candidates who are highly compatible for your opening. That saves time from the first interview onward. See how it feels to be matched based on compatibility. Log on Business Services today Paid from the Workforce Investment Act 10% Statewide Activity Fund