Volunteering has significant proven benefits for both the volunteer and the community.  For example, individuals who volunteer for a term of twelve months have been shown to experience an increase in health and happiness. Those who give service to their communities often have an increased chance of getting hired due to making new connections, developing new skills and being outstanding.

In addition to achieving these benefits, supporting the mission of the Pikes Peak Workforce Center through volunteering has a tremendous impact on the economic vitality of the Pikes Peak Region.  We are seeking skilled volunteers who value collaboration, innovation, professionalism, respect and vitality.  Not only is the Pikes Peak Workforce Center a great place to work, it is a great place to volunteer, too!

Individuals who volunteer at PPWFC enjoy:

  • Enhanced professional development
  • Exposure to networking opportunities
  • The satisfaction of helping job seekers and the economy of the Pikes Peak Region
  • Training specific to the volunteer position
  • Community engagement
  • Inclusion in volunteer recognition events

Want to know more?

  • E-mail the Customer Service Manager for more information

All volunteers are required to submit to a background and reference check.
  Orientation and training are mandatory.

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