Computer Literacy Courses in Colorado Springs


Our Educational Services Department uses technology to help residents achieve success. The Pikes Peak Workforce Centers offers educational opportunities in a variety of ways:  

On-site curriculum is delivered in a self-paced, computer-based format.

Monday: 2 - 4 p.m.
Tuesday: 9 a.m. - Noon
Wednesday: 2 - 4 p.m.
Thursday: 9 a.m. - Noon
Friday: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
This schedule is subject to change.
Open Lab is available every day to help you improve your keyboarding, test your office skills knowledge, learn basic computer skills, explore career options, and enhance your emotional intelligence. This is a computer-based, self-paced lab. A lab assistant is available to help you. 
To participate in any of the following classes or Open Lab, you must first create an account in, the State Job Search database.  If you do not have an account, please set up your account as a New Job Seeker  BEFORE signing up for classes.

Tutorials available in the Open Lab include:
 Mouse Tutorial: clicking, double clicking, clicking and dragging
100 Computer Basics Windows 7: Windows, dialog boxes, buttons and Icons, menus
120 Exploring the Web Using Internet Explorer 11: Browsing, favorites, setting home page, downloading
140 Basic Word Processing using Microsoft Word 2010: fonts, alignments, copy and paste, saving

The first step in mastering the computer is learning how to keyboard or type. To complete online applications, cover letters, and resumes you must learn basic typing skills. Come to the Open Lab or use your computer at home to learn keyboarding skills using free online tutorials:
These beginning computer skills sessions are for job seekers with little or no computer ability. Signup is available online or at the information desk in the Career Center at the PPWFC main office. You  may also call 719.667.3700 to reserve a spot.
  • Basic Computer Skills, Part 1
Covers use of mouse, Windows, task bar, minimizing/maximizing, conducting internet searches, and email basics. Click here to reserve your spot.
  • MicroSoft Word Skills
Covers Word Processing, cut/paste, and font changes.  PREREQUISITE:  Must have attended "Basic Computer Skills, Part1" workshop or must have basic knowledge of how to use a mouse, Windows, and ability to type a minimum or 10 words per minutes on the keyboard. Click here to reserve your spot.

Computer Skills Certificate training program Sign up for the Computer Skills Certificate training program. This is a self-paced, instructor-supported training program, based on computer tutorials and hands-on exercises and requires a minimum commitment of six hours per week. The average time required to complete training is 40 to 60 hours. Lab hours for the certificate program are from 8-5 Monday through Friday. A certificate is awarded upon completion. The program includes Beginning to Intermediate Microsoft Office 2010: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

You will be contacted for an individual intake in the order that referrals are received. It may be a couple of weeks before you are contacted.
Prerequisite: Must have basic computer skills and type at least 10-20 words per minute. Customers who do not have basic computer skills should refer to the tutorials listed above in Open Lab.

For more info or to reserve a seat for this event, click here 
For those unable to attend the above classes, you may come to Open Lab to complete basic computer tutorials. These tutorials are step by step lessons designed for beginning computer users.  Instructors are available to assist you.

These assessments help you measure your skills and determine a suitable career path.
SkillCheck testing program (tests Clerical skills, software skills and general skills)
CareerScope and My Next Move: Career Exploration programs
Success Profiler: Soft skills enhancement program based on emotional intelligence.

TABE is the Test of Adult Basic Education, which determines your current skills level in reading and math.

CareerReady Colorado Certificate Program

PPWFC also offers pre-testing and referral services for the High School Equivalency (GED).

1. Register with Connecting Colorado online or at PPWFC.
2. Attend a TABE Assessment session at PPWFC. TABE is the Test of Adult Basic Education, which determines your current skills level in reading and math. Registration is required. For dates and to register, please click here. If you have questions, please call 719-667-3750 or 719-667-3765.
3. Based on the results of your TABE Assessment, you will be referred to High School Equivalency (GED) training and testing programs in the Colorado Springs community. The TABE is administered prior to the High School Equivalency (GED) Practice test because it identifies specific skill areas that need improvement, which assists us in the referral and placement process.
If you are interested in taking the High School Equivalency (GED) Practice test please contact the D11 Adult and Family Education program at 719-328-3001. For High School Equivalency (GED) testing contact the D11 High School Equivalency (GED) testing Center at 719-328-3030.