Incumbent Worker Training


The Pikes Peak Workforce Center is providing fully-funded training for eligible members of the workforce to increase competiveness of the employee or the employer and ultimately grow the employer’s workforce. The application deadline is May 1.
Fully-funded training must be designed to meet the special requirements of an employer or group of employers to retain a skilled workforce or prevent lay off of employees by providing workers the skills necessary to maintain employment.  Training must be conducted with a commitment from the employer to not layoff of the worker (or workers) being trained, to specifically retain the workers being trained (to include apprenticeship training).
To qualify as an incumbent worker, the individual must be employed and meet Fair Labor Standards Act requirements for an employer-employee relationship. Eligible workers must have an established employment history with the requesting employer for six months or longer, with the following exception: In the event incumbent worker training is provided to a group of employees requiring the same training, not every employee in the group must meet the 6 month requirement if at least 51 percent of the workers meet the requirement.
“This is an excellent opportunity for an employer to develop and promote an internal employee or group of employees through a range of training -- from entry level to technical, advanced, and even CEO-level training,” said Dennis Hisey, Interim Executive Director, Pikes Peak Workforce Center. “The Pikes Peak Workforce Center would than like to also help fill those new entry level vacancies left by the promoted workforce.”
The Pikes Peak Workforce Center will review applications based on an employer’s request. Applications are solicited based on the availability of funds. Currently, grant funding is available and training must be completed by June 30, 2017.
Priority consideration is given to training requests in Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Advanced Manufacturing, and Healthcare.
Participation in the program requires employers applying for incumbent worker training to pay the non-Federal share of training costs for their incumbent workers.
The Incumbent Worker Training Application and Incumbent Worker Application Evaluation Form are linked at the bottom of this page.
Employers should submit completed applications to: Pikes Peak Workforce Center, Attn: Business Relations Group, 1675 Garden of the Gods Road,  Colorado Springs, CO 80907, or by email to: ppwbrg@elpasoco.comIncumbent Worker Training Application

Incumbent Worker Training Application Evaluation Form