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"On behalf of the Directorate of Human Resources, the Fort Carson Army Career Alumni Program and Army Continuing Education Services, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your organization's participation at the Transition Services Expo, held at Fort Carson, Colorado on.October 23, 2013.

Your support allowed participants of the Transition Services Expo to be interviewed, recruited and even employed. As an employer, you were afforded the opportunity to recruit from a diverse pool of over 3,000 candidates with various skill levels, expertise and training. Without your participation, this event would not have been possible.

Over 80 of our military service members, veterans, retirees and family members were hired on the day of the event, and hundreds more were referred for interviews. Your continuing support in employing our military and veterans is the driving force behind such a successful event.

Again, thank you again for your participation in the Transition Services Expo.

Shelley Anderson
Chief, Military Personnel Division Directorate of Human Resources

Below you will find links to several videos that highlight the services offered to local businesses by the Pikes Peak Business Relations Group.
If after viewing the videos, you have questions about how the Business Relations Group can help your business, please call 719.667.3814 or 719.667.3737.
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