Jobs for People with Disabilities


Jobs for People with Disabilities in Colorado Springs Note: PPWFC offers several training opportunities for unemployed or underemployed job seekers via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for in-demand occupations. For more information visit the Training Opportunities page or call 719.667.3700.

Services for persons with disabilities include the following:
  • Fully-equipped computers with adaptive technology
  • Training opportunities for eligible persons
  • Accommodations for service

Computers and software for persons with disabilities includes: 
  • Screen reading software (JAWS for Windows)
  • Screen magnification software (MAGIC)
  • Access to internet, word processing, phones, copy machines and scanners
  • Fully adjustable work station
  • Screen magnification device

Note: Staff are available to provide assistance.

Accommodation for use of services by persons with disabilities includes: 
  • Sign Language Interpreter services (ASL) 
  • Access to a video telecommunication device for the Deaf (TTY device). 

English Language Learners / Limited English Proficiency Accommodations for Services on request

  • Spoken Language Interpreter (Multiple languages)
  • Verbal and printed information