Language Services


On request, PPWFC offers Accessibility to Services for those who are English Language Learners or have Limited English Language Proficiency.

Click here to submit your language request or call Tiffany Clark-Trujillo at (719) 667-3885 

English as a Second Language Classes

Pikes Peak Library District  Offers free tutoring and English language learning for adults, (719) 531-6333, ext. 2223 or 2224.

Family Literacy and ESL classes, District #11 Adult and family ESL classes offered days or nights, (719) 520-2384.
Academy District #20 For further information, please contact Jennifer Duarte at (719) 234-1372. Adult ESL classes are held every semester at Rampart High School. Enrollment occurs in September or January. The class lasts 10 weeks and is free. Materials are also provided.

English Language Institute, Pikes Peak Community College  They offer classes for non-native speakers of English. The classes are for people who are interested in improving their ability to read, write and speak English, (719) 540-7047. ?
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